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Michael Heasman

My day job is doing food and nutrition policy research and teaching at a University in Denmark. But this is not important since my Food for Good blog is my own personal take on food policy, alternative food systems and the social responsibility of food business.

In different ways I have been following food and nutrition policy for more than 20 years. Like many people I believe our food economy, food system or whatever you want to call it - basically where our food comes from - is facing incredible threats and challenges. This blog looks at the way business responds to or tries to fix these. It also follows and comments on issues impacting our thinking about future food systems.

There are many exciting developments in the world of food, but at the same time on-going and deeply troubling and worrying trends brought about by a complete imbalance of power within our food supply.

This blog follows those food business activities that continue to shape or re-shape our dysfunctional food system and the issues and challenges driving this. It is not a scientific approach but my own selection of stories that might just make a difference.